Marisa is a Sydney-based designer that loves to capture and challenge the possibilities of colour through abstraction and materiality. The founding philosophy embodied within my work is to create contemplative pieces that are visually bold yet embody the tangible beauty that is specially found in handmade work.

I place a strong emphasis on materiality in my pieces; the use of 100% Italian cowhide leather enables my work to be highly tactile, functional, durable and unique. The beauty that is found within the textures and tones of leather is what enacts as the canvas and link between the passion I have for visually stimulating and practical design.

The aesthetic of my work is playful and vibrant; it is a dense wonderland of obscured patterning, geometry, contrasting textures and colour. The playful nature of surface and pattern is what I strive to achieve within every piece; combining the unpredictable nature of textured skin with stimulating graphics is my passion. It is my goal to exclusively produce such sentimental and progressive pieces of work.